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Malvern International Academy (formerly known as Kasturi College International) was formed in 1988 to provide superior learning experience and nurture students to become independent and life-long learners. As part of AEC Education PLC (Listed on AIM-the London Stock Exchange) Malvern has global presence in UK and Singapore. In Malaysia, we offer programmes in various fields of Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Hotel Management, skill based training programmes and English language studies. We are also a centre offering professional courses such as ACCA, CFA®, CAT and LCCI.

With 30 years of experience in the education industry in Malaysia, we have been pivotal in helping more than 50,000 local and international students to achieve their career aspirations by delivering affordable world-class academic programmes.


Our History

Malvern International Academy (formerly known as Kasturi College International) was formed in 1988 to provide a superior learning experience and nurture students to become independent and life-long learners. Malvern has global operations in UK and Singapore as well. In Malaysia, we offer programmes in various fields of Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Hotel Management, skills based training programmes, and English language studies. We are also a leading centre which offers professional programmes such as ACCA, CFA®, CAT, FRM® and LCCI.Driven by the growth in the education industry in the eighties, Malvern’s vision was to become an education institution that would develop professionals and scholars to drive the country forward as a knowledge-based society. This vision has become a reality as we have produced more than 50,000 students in various professional based programmes over the past 30 years.

In the early years as an education institution, our focus was on the delivery of professional qualifications such as ACCA, CIM, AEB and CAT through professional bodies from the United Kingdom and in Malaysia. Over the years, we have become a leader in the delivery of professional qualifications and currently, we are a major player in producing quality graduates into the employment market.

In the year 2006, we expanded our product portfolio by introducing Academic Programmes. These include home grown products, such as the Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Business Information System, Diploma in Computer Technology, Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Hotel Management, Degree Foundation in Business, and Certificate in Business Studies. On the vocational level, Malvern has skills training in the areas of Culinary, Food & Beverage. In our pursuit towards academic excellence, we partnered with the University of Wales (a member of the Royal Charter) to offer our students both the undergraduate and the postgraduate programmes. We have since developed 22 first class honours students in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. This is testimony to our quality in the delivery of the University of Wales programmes.

Malvern also has a very close working relationship with the Ministry of Higher Education and its agencies and departments such as Private Education Department, Malaysian Qualifying Agencies (MQA) and the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). All of our programmes are accredited by MQA and recognised by the Public Services Department (JPA).

Training, teaching and learning facilities at Malvern are customized to meet with the demands of the market as students are equipped to face the challenges and needs of the industry. We, at Malvern adopt a student centric approach, where we take special interest in the affairs of our students. With such an approach, students are geared to face the real world and are relevant to the employment landscapes.

In 2014, Malvern in collaboration with another leading UK university – Leeds Beckett University – are now offering 4 quality Honors degree programmes – BSc. (Hons) Business Information Technology, BA (Hons) Business and Management, BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management and BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance.


Our Vision. Our Mission

To be an Institute of Higher Learning that is recognised globally for outstanding academic excellence in teaching and learning.

Provide dynamic education and training, embracing creative qualities and capabilities by fostering:

  • Academic excellence
  • Professionalism with integrity
  • Confidence with high self esteem
  • Responsible global professionals


Our Brand Concept


The education industry is characterized by the need for players within it to teach a curriculum, more often one not entirely set by itself. There isn’t one educational institution in existence that doesn’t want to claim itself absolutely unique, yet is encumbered by the curriculum issue.

The Malvern Brand takes on this issue from an entirely different angle – that it is the Malvern student that is uniquely different and that the Malvern environment and all its teaching staff and facilities are the “tools” that help the Malvern student find their own unique potential. Call it “creativity”or “out-of-the-box thinking – Malvern is where this elusive spark is discovered, nurtured and fanned into a glorious flame.

“A Different Thinking” is the line that sets Malvern apart from all others. It’s a line – and a philosophy – that has consequences on both sides of the divide. For us, it means having the mastery and the flexibility to not merely encourage but guide an unorthodox approach. For the students, it means having the work ethic and imagination to see beyond what the book says. For both sides, it requires consistent application to constantly challenge conventional norms and existing frontiers.

“A Different Thinking” is a wonderful platforms that isn’t “size” dependent – it’s all about the student’s individual quality, not the size of your campus. It renews itself every time you apply it because to engender a “different” thought is to automatically look upon any subject in a new and refreshing way.



Effective. Practical. Affordable.

Malvern International offers programmes which are designed to produce highly employable graduates by providing our students with an internationally benchmarked academic experience closely aligned to industry requirements. We have produced employable graduates through a sound approach of transforming school leavers into highly qualified competitive professionals.

When you choose Malvern International, you will be committing yourself towards an innovative experience and exciting phase of your life. We welcome your interest in Malvern International Academy and look forward to meeting you.


Malvern 5 P’s Of Learning


We are committed to provide a holistic curriculum which will develop individuals to become responsible citizens rising to the needs of their communities. Our team of dedicated lecturers and administrators will assist students to achieve success in their chosen academic pursuit.Our system of education develop graduates who embody Malvern’s very own teaching learning methodology known as the 5P’s (Performance-based, Paced Learning, Participative, Peer Learning and Practicality). Through our 5P methodology we endeavour to develop graduates to possess the key skills of employability – and the ability to stand out in the job market.


To ensure students interact with one another to attain positive learning outcomes


To allow industry based training to develop student’s employability skills


To allow students of different capabilities to manage their modules with the guidance of the tutor


Regular assessments to measure student’s development


To encourage attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion in the learning process


Academic Pathway



Shaping Your Destiny

Learning Experience @ Malvern


At Malvern International Academy, you will meet students from numerous countries. They are an impactful contribution to our success. Our quality programmes, teachers and facilities attract students from every part of the world and from many cultures.



Malvern International Academy is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We have four dedicated teaching sites – Malvern International City Campus, Wisma 2000, Wisma Hangsam and Malvern International Sunway Campus. Malvern International City Campus, Wisma 2000 and Wisma Hangsam are within 100 meters apart from each other. These 3 sites are 5 minutes’ walk from the Pasar Seni LRT/MRT/Bus Station and/or 10 minutes’ walk from the KTM Kuala Lumpur Komuter Station.

Located next to the majestic Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the Headquarter of Malvern International City Campus is situated on the 11th and 12th floor of the Plaza First Nationwide Building. The two floors can accommodate up to 3,000 students. Managements’ offices, Lecturers’ rooms, up to date computer labs, a Library and a comfortable students’ lounge that occupies both floors.

The Wisma 2000 campus is a 4 storey building situated opposite the historical Central Market. Students and guest will be welcomed by the attractive reception cum student area. It also has classrooms that can accommodate up to 1,000 students to ensure an efficient teaching and learning experience. The building also accommodates Malvern’s Sales and Marketing Team.

As for Wisma Hang Sam, the building is solely dedicated to the Vocational programmes. The Vocational programmes being taught here are the Computer Systems and Multimedia programmes with classrooms and computer labs.

The Malvern International Sunway Campus is to cater to students residing in Petaling Jaya. This campus has classrooms that can accommodate up to 1,000 students. During the evenings and weekends, the 4 storey building is fully utilized to cater for the ACCA, LCCI and CFA® programmes. The Malvern International Sunway Campus is located in the vibrant Sunway Mentari Business Park.

As a Malvern International Academy student, you are welcome to use any of the facilities in our four centres.



Malvern International Academy offers quality programmes at affordable prices. Thousands of students have already successfully completed their higher education with us. We are one of the most affordable colleges accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and offer central locations, modern facilities and exceptional teaching standards to all of our students.



Our reputation for quality could not have emerged without the continued dedication and enthusiasm of our teaching staff. A number of our lecturers enjoy the privilege of being at the top of their profession and are advisers to the industry, published authors, members of the Higher Education Academy and publicly recognized experts in their respective fields.



Our highly qualified professional staff will ensure that students make the most of their experiences and time at Malvern. We support and encourage them on their pathway to success.



From the moment students enroll until the completion of their programmes at Malvern, we will look after you as our student. We will support the overall process from helping the students choose the right programmes to assisting them with their visas. Students can talk to the Student Services team at any time.



Malvern’s Student Body is an exact definition of an organization that helps to develop leadership, communication and critical thinking skills. These attributes will provide a platform for students to express their inner entrepreneur as well as becoming a future leader.

Furthermore, being an international institution, students in Malvern comes from diverse ethnic and cultural communities. As such, it is one of the student body’s aims to organise activities and programmes to create camaraderie between the students of various backgrounds. Some of the activities that we have organised are:

  1. Multi-Cultural festival celebrations
  2. Skills and motivational seminars
  3. Sporting activities
  4. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  5. Self and professional development activities

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