Get to know our final Malvern Scholars Trip winner – Bhavatharani

Get to know our final Malvern Scholars Trip winner – Bhavatharani

Hey everyone!!! My name is Bhavatharani D/O Ravi. I am 19 years old. I live in Bangsar. My house is situated exactly opposite of Midvalley Megamall. This shopping complex is one of the biggest mall in Asia. So, it’s normal to get tourist coming over to this place. During my free time, I read novels and listen to songs. Usually I read romantic or comedy genre novels and my favourite author is Karen Kingsbury. Listening to melodious songs while reading novel helps me to remain calm and overcome my stress. I just feel so positive. I am the youngest in my family and I have an elder brother and sister. My father, Mr. Ravi Maniam is a personal driver while my mother, Mrs. Magaeswary is a housewife. My family is my strength as they encourage me all the time and this gives me the motivation to achieve more.

After completion of my SPM, I was looking for a college to pursue my higher studies and I checked out Malvern International Academy since I am a former student of a tuition centre nearby. I enrolled in Malvern for Diploma in Accountancy programme after finding our more about the programme details. The reason I chose Malvern is because I was given a scholarship based on my SPM results. This has really helps to reduce my parents’ burden. Besides that, Malvern is placed in a very strategic location which is near to KTM Station and LRT Station. It’s easy for me to travel from my house to college; I don’t need to spend much time and money to get to my classes. In Malvern, I enjoy the class timing the most. Usually my classes start at 10.00 a.m. and ends at 5.00 p.m. My time in Malvern is fully utilized in academic discussions and student activities.

Malvern has given me a great opportunity to go to London. After knowing that I am one of the students chosen to go to London under Malvern’s scholarship, I was so happy and excited. It is the moment of my dream coming true. Since I have never been to abroad, I’m very sure this experience is going to be memorable one. This is also my very first experience to travel by flight. When I informed my family about the scholarship, they were very happy and proud of me. Even though my mom was quite worried as her youngest daughter going abroad for the first time without the family, she was proud of my achievement.

When I am in London, I would really like to learn more about the western culture and lifestyle. Being an Asian, I got no idea how do the people in other continents interact and behave. Everything is going to be different in London. I would also really want to visit the London Eye which is also known as Millennium Wheel. I really wish to take a ride on the Millennium Wheel just to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. Besides that, I also wanted to visit Tower Of London. This tower’s unique architecture is astounding. Apart from that I would also not miss watching the procession of Change of Guard in Buckingham Palace.

Finally, I am very grateful to Malvern International Academy for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to go to London. This is once a life-time experience which I would not want to miss at all. Thank you Malvern International Academy.

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