Malvern’s Student Shout-Out!

Malvern’s Student Shout-Out!

Hello Fellow Malvern students. Greetings from the Editorial Board.

We are here to introduce a new series of Shout-Out articles today. In these Shout-Outs, we will be featuring our very own local and international Malvern students. These Shout-Outs will allow them to share their personal details (some juicy tidbits maybe?), hopes, fears, aspirations and dreams to you.

We will also give them an opportunity for a Shout-Out to that someone special that has been an inspiration or a blessing on their journey so far. It could be a mother, father, sister, best friend, teacher or teachers or even a special someone. You will only know when you read on.

So without further delay, let’s get on with our first Malvern Student Shout-Out! featuring Sivanesvaran s/o Murugan (Diploma in Computer Technology)

Sivanesvaran Murugan or better known as Siva is one of the most self-confident student we have ever met, and we mean that in a good way. He is quietly self-assured and knows want he wants in his life.

A young 19-year old, Siva (as he is fondly known) is from Taman Damai, Rawang and he travels daily to Malvern by KTM to pursue his studies in Diploma in Computer Technology.

By his daily activities, he does not seem to be a homely boy. At least twice a week, it is a must for him to enjoy fried chicken rice at the famous Rawang ‘Velle Restaurant”. Once a month, he goes for movie with his friends at Rawang Jusco. He is prefers action movies. And he also one with nature as his favorite weekend getaway once a month is a 20 min drive to  Templer Park Waterfall.

During the weekend, it is a must for him to join his friends for futsal match at Batu Arang Open Futsal Court from 5 pm till dark. Siva also doesn’t miss working out at the Country Homes Gym every 2 days once. His interest on body-building was inspired by WWE programme athletes.

Siva’s father, Mr. Murugan is often busy handling his own transport business, and being the eldest among the 4 siblings, Siva never fails to help his mother at home.  As a role model to his siblings, he often guides and teaches them in their studies.

Siva chose to study in Malvern after getting to know about us from his friends. Due to our strategic location near the Pasar Seni Bus/LRT (3 mins walk) and KTM Kuala Lumpur Komuter Stations (10 mins walk), it’s easy for him to commute from his home. Being an Arts stream student in his secondary school, coping with Science based subjects is not easy. But, he has been receiving support and guidance from his lecturers. Malvern’s Computer Technology lecturers’ Ms. Lin and Ms. Athirah has been giving him thorough guidance and support to understand and excel in his studies.

Siva completed his secondary studies in SMK Tuanku Abdul Rahman. He was a prefect from Form 1 till Form 5. He has always been an active sportsperson and is well-known for his involvement in the football and athletics team. He has never failed to achieve a medal in his school “Cross Country Run”. The reason behind his confidence was developed by his teachers who trusted him in guiding other students in their studies.

However during his secondary school days, Siva was a weak student in Bahasa Melayu. He was struggling and often found himself at his wits end. His teacher, Puan Azlina didn’t give up on him and coached him endlessly to become a B+ student in SPM. “If not because of Puan Azlina, I’m not sure where would I be now. I miss her so much and just or her, I wouldn’t mind repeating my secondary school life”, said Siva.

Apart from Puan Azlina, his best friend Emmanuel also has played a huge role in Siva’s success. Emmanuel was truly a friend true and true as he tutored and helped Siva to do his best in last years’ SPM examinations. Currently, Emmanuel is pursuing his STPM (“A”-Levels).

Upon completing his Diploma in Computer Technology in Malvern, Siva is looking forward to a career as a Computer Programmer in the IT industry. Currently on a 3.08 CGPA, Siva is well focused in his aim and wouldn’t want to jeopardize his parents’ trust. He feels that his biggest strength is that he believes in working hard for his dream and aspirations.  Siva knows the journey ahead is full of all sorts of hurdles but he is determined to overcome the challenges and make it a success.

We think Siva would not only enjoy the Malvern experience, but would be an excellent addition to our community.  He’s very involved, bright and driven.

We wish him good luck for his future undertakings.

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