Malvern Scholars Trip to London Winners – Profile of Kavitha Caroline

Malvern Scholars Trip to London Winners – Profile of Kavitha Caroline

I very much enjoyed my dialogue session with this intelligent, understated and courteous student. Her attitude was genuinely winning and engaging. Kavitha Caroline is a 19-year old girl from Taman Tun, a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur. She often hangs out at the hipster cafes with her friends or spends her time doing assignment at the community library near her house. On occasions, she enjoys a walk at the nature park near her home. Even though, she enjoys trying new types of food, her favorite is the fusion of Asian and Western cuisines.

During her free time, she loves reading novels. Kavitha completes at least 3 books a month. She has her own literary collection in her room. Normally she gets her books from the second hand book shop in Central Market. She doesn’t pester her parents to get her stuff. Reading has helped her to increase her vocabulary and improves her English language proficiency. She also watches English movies that help to enhance her English as well. She also loves to draw and paint. All these interests in arts were nurtured by her parents during her younger days.

Kavitha’s father Mr. Sundrasan is a landscaper. Her mother, Ms. Caren is a housewife. Being the breadwinner of the family, her father has to work hard to accommodate their needs, but he never fails to spend time and keeps up to date on his children’s welfare. Being the youngest at home, Kavitha is the apple of the eye of her dad.

Kavitha completed her SPM with flying colors in Arts stream. Upon completion, she chose to pursue her higher education in Malvern International Academy by registering for the Diploma in Business Studies programme. Her strong interest in Economics was a major factor for her to take up this programme. Kavitha was a scholarship recipient awarded by Malvern for her SPM excellent result. She is enjoying her time in Malvern as the lecturers and classmates are very supportive and cooperative towards helping her achieve her outstanding grades. According to Kavitha, studying hard and producing good grades is helping her to improve her English further.

Kavitha is also the Student Council President of Malvern International Academy. She has co-organized and participated in many events as far as representing Malvern in a recent colleges-wide ecological event. She has participated in indoor sports carnival and general quiz competition conducted by Malvern lecturers. Due to her interest in photography, she was also in charge of the event photography for Merdeka Week.

Due to her academic excellence and extra-curricular participation in Malvern, Kavitha has been given an opportunity to travel to London under Malvern scholarship. Upon getting to know this news, she was overwhelmed with happiness. She never really expected to get such an offer and accepted the offer with great pleasure and anticipation. Her parents are proud of her achievement and have invoked her interest even more by sharing his with her on his time and experience over there.

The first thing Kavitha wants to do in London is to visit the Eye of London. For her, that is the icon of London. The view from the top of the wheel is astounding according to her father. She would also not want to miss the chance of visiting the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral as it is one of most largest and famous of London’s many churches. Apart from the places of interest, she is also interested in learning the accent spoken by the English and the city culture of London.

She could not express how happy and thankful is she in receiving this scholarship from Malvern for a 2 weeks English language programme. Not only will she be able to improve her English further but she also enjoys an all-expenses paid trip to London for free. She states it is a golden opportunity and she will cherish the moments from this trip.

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