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Congratulations to all the students who participated in the career development fair.

The cornerstone of Malvern’s  success is the value placed on its strong partnership with the world leader in innovative workforce solutions.  With the promise of transforming young individuals into an employable graduates, Malvern is not only focusing on unique teaching and strategy, but also providing job placement through its global network of talent suppliers and

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Career Development Fair ‘UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL’

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  The career development fair is an essential tool to unlock students potential in getting a job right after completing their studies. This workshop will help students effectively develop themselves to the demand of workplace today. Choosing a career involves 4 main stages such as self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making, and taking actions. The programme outline

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Deepavali Potluck – Lets spread joy, love and light through this event. More exciting games and performance are awaiting

The decorations are up and there are lights on the ground. Now, all we need is our staff and students to gather around! Malvern International Academy is proud to arrange a potluck Hi-tea with all our staff and students. Lets spread joy, love and light through this event. More exciting games and performance are awaiting

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Check out our the Video interview of Malvern Scholars Trip Winner – Lavineash

This year, we launched our Malvern Scholars Trip where we rewards our top students with a 2 weeks all expenses paid trip to London to join our English language programme. Check out our video interview of one of our Malvern Scholars Trip winners. Hear from Lavinaesh on how he feels about going to London for

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Malvern Scholars Trip 2018 contest to London is now Launched!

Ever dreamt of a free all expenses paid trip to London for 2 weeks? Which part would you be excited about? Free? All expenses paid? London? Or the 2 weeks? I would think it’s the entire sentence where you get to go to London on us, all free for 2 whole weeks! Malvern International Academy

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