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2018 Pongal Celebration

Dear all, Join us as we celebrate the joy of Pongal Festival as one community as we prepare Pongal in a small earthen pot. Experience the authentic way Pongal is made!!! Date: 19 Jan 2018 Time: 10am to 12pm Venue: Malvern International Academy – Wisma 2000

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Congratulation Malvern International Academy

To borrow MOHE’s tag line – “Soaring Upwards”, Malvern International Academy closes the year 2017 with a ‘soaring’ success: from a 3-star (good) to a 4-star (very good) ranking. Thanks to all Malvern staff. We would not have achieved it without your support, teamwork and dedication. Your can-do attitude has certainly made a positive difference.

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Congratulations to all the participants!!

We have finally wrapped up our 1-day program on Exam Paper Vetting Towards Quality Assessment. Ongoing support training is essential to keep up with changes to the working and corporate environment. This might be as simple as circulating company literature to update staff & clients on current developments. Check out some actions captured throughout the

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Campus Cleanup Day

Malvern Students donned reflective t-shirts and equipped themselves with rakes, brooms and large rubbish bags!! This initiative was mostly prompted by concerned students who wanted to exact action to reduce litter and waste contamination found throughout the campus. Waste and litter deeply impact not only the students and the local environment, but also pose a

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Congratulations to the student who successfully accomplished the mock presentation.

Graduates with experience are more attractive than those without any exposure. Thus, Malvern creates a platform for the students to present their mock meeting based on their modules which will enable them to confront the real life work experience in future. Congratulations to the student who successfully accomplished the mock presentation. Well done!!!  

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Congratulations to our new students.

What can be more relaxing than having booked a seat on your journey to success? It is still not late to obtain the promotions and rebates offered. Find out more at  #JourneyToSuccess  

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