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About The MBA (Executive) Postgraduate Programme

The Leeds Beckett MBA programme equips you with skills increasingly needed in the current competitive corporate environment.

The Executive MBA provides businesses with leaders who can succeed in a volatile environment, economic turbulence and increasingly resource insecurity. We will develop your capability for incisive analysis, innovative thinking and strategic leadership.

Success in business requires accomplished interpersonal skills to bring about innovation and change. Through the Leeds Beckett MBA programme, we help develop your professional and personal capabilities.

Our aim is to give you the space to think and critically appreciate your current strengths and areas for development and to gain insight into both your leadership skills and the management challenges you face. We help you to develop and apply new decisive leadership methods to enable you to raise your game.

The MBA (Executive) recruits anyone who wish to both accelerate their career opportunities and directly apply their learning to enhance their own performance in their respective organisation. You will be encouraged to share your working experiences with fellow delegates and with expert staff who can support you to devise practical solutions to your leadership challenges.

Core ModulesWho Should EnrolEntry RequirementsInternational Students

Accounting & Finance for Decision Making
Develop the key decision-making skills by applying accounting and financial techniques to assist in control and planning at management level.

Business Consultancy Project
Apply your learning to a real organisational issue of strategic level across any relevant business and management disciplines. You’ll be encouraged to work independently and also manage a client consultant relationship.

Contemporary Marketing
Examine both traditional and digital-based marketing concepts and activities and develop an integrated approach fit for the 21st century.

Organising & Managing for Performance
Explore key topic areas in the study of organisational behaviour and HRM and develop effective management practices linked with performance measures and business success.

Self-Effectiveness & Leadership Performance
Exploit your academic and vocational potential within a framework of lifelong learning, initially through the exploration of current strengths / weaknesses and the identification of personal development goals.

Strategic Management
Evaluate decisions that managers are faced with in complex and dynamic environments, combining multiple perspectives of business and management (leadership, creativity and human capital, finance and environmental analytics, creativity and strategic thinking approaches).

This MBA programme is designed to focus on enhancing and enriching management and critical decision making skills that managers need to function effectively in an organisation. The MBA graduates of this programme can position themselves for middle and senior level managerial positions in national and international organisations aspire for upward mobility in their own organisations or take up challenging tasks in senior positions in the manufacturing and/or services sectors. The programme identifies the need for ‘soft skills’ at higher levels, including:

  • management, interpersonal and commercial awareness/market knowledge;
  • sales, marketing, and operations that are global-ready;
  • finance and accounting skills;
  • customer handling skills;
  • team working, networking and problem solving.
  1. Possess a degree OR hold a professional qualification which is deemed acceptable for admission by the Leeds Becketts University (UK) and the Ministry of Education in Malaysia.
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent but for CGPA below 2.50; can be accepted provided that the candidates must have 5 years working experience in relevant field
  3. Graduates of equivalent qualifications who have several years of relevant industry experience
  4. Evidence of satisfactory English language skills is required for candidates where English is not their first language, such as IELTS 6.0 or above or TOEFL 550 or above.

If you are an international student, kindly contact us to verify your qualifications against the entry requirements for this programme. We can be reached at +603 2072 5003 from 0900 to 1800 Monday – Friday / 0900 to 1400 Saturday or email


Overview and Aims

The University’s MBA programme share the following common aims:

  1. To provide a framework for aspirational and practising managers and leaders to meet their career needs and enhance their career opportunities to enable them to provide effective strategic direction and leadership to contemporary organisations operating in a global context.
  2. To provide participants with knowledge and understanding of the integrative and holistic nature of business and management activity, primarily integration with the wider external environment and between the various organisational functions and activities.
  3. To provide the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge, tailored to individual development needs and aspirations, through study of option modules.
  4. To facilitate the development of increased confidence through personal insight and self-knowledge based on understanding and appreciation of individual leadership and other behavioural impact and strengths.
  5. To provide an opportunity for participants to carry out a major piece of work in the form of a strategic level project activity and to develop the research and consultancy skills and competence associated with the successful outcomes of the activity.
  6. The programme attracts students from a diverse range of countries in UK and abroad particularly South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


Programme Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • Possess the ability to apply and transfer theoretical underpinning & contemporary management techniques within complex global organisational context.
  • Be capable of employing critical thinking to evaluate organisations and communicate decisions by working in groups as well as with clients.
  • Demonstrate transferable personal and interpersonal skills required for successful leadership and achievement for managers and entrepreneurs in contemporary organisations.
  • Be capable of applying practical skills and techniques of undertaking management research and applying theoretical knowledge to strategic issues in a real business context.

Academic Pathway
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Challenge your limits, change the way you think and transform your leadership skills to prepare for your future in business.


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