Culinary Arts – Chef (Hospitality & Tourism)


About the Programme

You will be trained to skillfully prepare different types of appetizers, main courses, desserts and handling catering activities, etc. Specific products and cooking styles are examined in detail. You will also learn to master these particular skills and creatively demonstrate the techniques learned.

Career Opportunities

Kitchen Shift Supervisor, Sous Chef, Kitchen Manager, Caterer & Personal Chef.

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Semester 1 (Level 2)

CU1 – Hygiene, Kitchen Safety and Food Handling
CU2 – Cooking Technique
CU3 – Stock, Soups and Hot Sauce Production
CU4 – Main Course Production
CU5 – Rice and Farinaceous Production
CU6 – Appetizer Production
CU7 – Breakfast Production
CU8 – Dessert Production
CU9 – Catering Set-Up Activities
Elective 01 Basic Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
Elective 02 Basic Stewarding
Elective 03 Basic Butchery

Computer Labs, Clinics, 24 hours Bank, Restaurants, Nearby Shopping Complexes & Public Transportation, Educational loans for students who qualify.

Our skill and industrial experienced lecturers possess a combination of strong academics with high skill based industrial related experience to ensure a quality education for you.

In collaboration with industrial Related Companies, we will assist our students in securing challenging jobs inline with our mission as a Skills Accreditation Centre.

Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, Kementerian Sumber Manusia.

A standard Registration Fee of RM 600 is charged for the first level you sign up. Upon completion of the course, the registration fee for the next level (where applicable) is only RM260. This registration fee includes JPK registration, insurance, course and student materials.

Course Fees (PTPK)-Pinjaman Tabung Pendidikan Kemahiran

Level 2 9,700 9 9

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