Information System Administration


About the Programme

The rapid technological growth in the Information and Communication industries has resulted in various new technologies, applications and methods of practices being applied in this industry nationwide. This programme aims to develop you with the required skills in network, website administration and management. You will have the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the IT industry.

Career Opportunities

There are excellent prospects for information systems administrative assistant/supervisor in various office and business operational, either in public or private sectors. This professional is expected to be among those with the largest number of new jobs.

SemesterFacilitiesLecturersJob OpportunityCertificate & Diploma Awarded byProgramme & Registration FeesCourse Fee Diagram

Semester 1 (Level 3)

C01 – Incoming Communication
C02 – Outgoing Communication
C03 – Filing Administration
C04 – Meeting Preparation Assistance
C05 – Basic Data Entry

Semester 2 & 3 (Level 3)

C01 – Office Operation Coordination
C02 – Meeting Arrangement
C03 – Procurement Administration
C04 – Staff Administration
C05 – Customer Liaison
C06 – Office Safety & Security Administration
C07 – Event Arrangement Assistance
Elective 01 – Application Software Basic Maintenance
Elective 02 – Application Software Installation & Upgrade

Semester 4 (Level 4)

CU 01 – Information System Security Administration
CU 02 – Information System Maintenance Coordination
CU 03 – Information System User Training
CU 04 – Information System Inventory Control
CU 05 – Information System Marketing
CU 06 – Information System Project Coordination

Computer Labs, Clinics, 24 hours Bank, Restaurants, Nearby Shopping Complexes & Public Transportation.

Our skill and industrial experienced lecturers possess a combination of strong academics with high skill based industrial related experience to ensure a quality education for you.

In collaboration with industrial Related Companies, we will assist our students in securing challenging jobs inline with our mission as a Skills Accreditation Centre.

Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, Kementerian Sumber Manusia.

A standard Registration Fee of RM 600 is charged for the first level you sign up. Upon completion of the course, the registration fee for the next level (where applicable) is only RM260. This registration fee includes JPK registration, insurance, course and student materials.

Course Fees (PTPK)-Pinjaman Tabung Pendidikan Kemahiran

Level 2 3,000 9 9
Level 3 4,500 15 3 18

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