Career Development Fair ‘UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL’

Career Development Fair ‘UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL’

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The career development fair is an essential tool to unlock students potential in getting a job right after completing their studies. This workshop will help students effectively develop themselves to the demand of workplace today. Choosing a career involves 4 main stages such as self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making, and taking actions.

The programme outline consists of career talk and workshop by Manpower group which will be held on 11th  October 2017 and followed by a talk on Career Opportunities in Hospitality Industry on the 13th October 2017

Objectives and benefits:

  1. To introduce students to the realities of the working world today.
  2. To practice students on CV writing skills and interviews.
  3. To build students confidence in their own potential and capabilities in doing a job.
  4. To make the students to be able to identify their field of interest and capabilities.
  5. To promote the exchange of ideas between students and the career advisor of the day and to provide expert advice and information on career issues to organisations.

Date : 11th & 13th October 2017

Time : 10am – 1.00pm

Venue : Room 1, 11th floor, Plaza First Nationwide

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