Malvern in United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia is part of Malvern International Plc (UK), a listed company on AIM (London Stock Exchange). Malvern is privileged to have an international presence in UK and Singapore. Malvern House London provides quality English language programmes that can be a student’s gateway to a higher education in a borderless world. Malvern House offers different routes to a UK university and helps students at every step of their journey.

With Malvern International Academy Singapore, we stand out as a prime education and training provider. Malvern Singapore has earned the Singapore Quality Class Award. This is a clear recognition by the Singapore Government on our dedication to deliver quality products and services. They facilitate and foster learning and creativity. This helps students develop knowledge, skills and confidence in attaining their personal goals.

Malvern Singapore forged strategic alliances with world class and internationally recognized universities and institutions in offering a broad range of quality programmes at various levels that include undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications. Malvern Singapore also offers quality programmes in Business related fields, Tourism and Hospitality and Language amongst many others.

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