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Business Studies


The curriculum is broad-based with a balance of foundation and multidisciplinary modules to foster creative thinking, develop life skills and enhance communication and business skills.

Generally, the first semester allow students to gain a broad perspective of the course while the final semester focuses on specialised and practical training to prepare them for the working world. The courses are continually updated and enhanced in tandem with the latest developments and requirements in industry.

The Certificate in Business Studies is a perfect jump start programme that is designed to give students an advantage in marketing, management, accounting and finance. Students will be exposed to business concepts that enable them to develop strong conceptual skills as well as strengthen business management competence.

This programme is ideal for students readily equipped with the basic knowledge in business and enthusiastic to become successful corporate professionals. All subjects are structured to help students to understand and acknowledge the importance of each subject throughout this programme.

Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of essential business areas and their relationship to other entities in the business environment.
  2. Understand the fundamental principles of information technological areas and be able to utilize Identify current and future opportunities in the arena of business and accounting.
  3. Provide students with opportunities to develop academic skills in Business Studies appropriate for a range of progression options.
  4. Apply a range of transferrable skills to subject related topics, issues and situations.
  5. Encourage direct and indirect independent learning and the development of key skills in an effective and academic context for the purposes of personal development and progression
Courses OfferedFull Time DurationEntry RequirementsEmployability Skills
Year 1
Year 2
1½ years

Students must have completed

  • SPM with a minimum of 1 credit or
  • O – Levels or
  • any equivalent qualifications that is recognized by the MQA
  • The programme allows students to be innovative and creative, to take risks and manage them, to become financially capable and to develop a can-do attitude
  • The programme enables students to have ability to problem solve, to communicate effectively and to work well in a team
  • The programme provides an opportunity for progression into Entry Level of a Diploma and/or other qualification.

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students.
* Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
** Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi**(International Students)

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