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Accountancy is about providing financial information to many different types of people: managers, investors, lenders, suppliers of goods & services, customers and governmental agencies amongst many others. As the backbone of every business, accounting plays a key role in decision-making processes.

The Diploma in Accountancy (DIA) is an undergraduate academic programme that leverages on a unique learning opportunity in the combined disciplines of Accounting, Law, Finance and Management. Our broad based training aims to instill confidence and equip you with both technical and soft skills for the dynamic accounting sector. You will learn through hands on activities embedded in the internal curriculum.

Our diploma will ensure that you learn the Malaysian Accounting Standards and how to report and create financial reports ethically. We emphasise development, understanding and perception of the skills and issues involved in the accounting process and prepare you to enroll into a degree programme.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of accounting and related field to every industry worldwide
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive technical expertise in accounting disciplines
  3. Communicate effectively both in written and spoken form with your peers, other professionals and the community.
  4. Formulate and provide creative, innovative and effective solution to business situations
  5. Generate interest to engage in life-long learning for professional and career development
Modules OfferedFull Time DurationEntry RequirementsInternational StudentsYour Opportunities
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
2 ½ years

Students must have completed

  • SPM (with a minimum of 3 credits) or
  • “O” – Levels or
  • Any equivalent qualifications recognised by MQA

If you are an international student, kindly contact us to verify your qualifications against the entry requirements for this programme. We can be reached at +603 2072 5003 from 0900 to 1800 Monday – Friday / 0900 to 1400 Saturday or email admission@malverninternational.edu.my

Upon completion, you may further your studies in a Degree of Accounting & Finance with us. Talk to us to know more about our University of Wales (UK) Accounting & Finance programme where you can earn a BA (Hons) degree.

Alternatively, you may pursue careers within supervisory and junior management positions in both the private and public organisations such as Financial Planning, Consultant, Bank Officer, Stockbroker, Research Assistant, Assistant Financial Analyst, Securities Trades, Auditor and tax Officer.

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students
* Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
** Thinking Skills (International Students)

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