(N/482/6/0071) 02/02 (MQA/PA S699)

Business Studies


The world of business continues to grow, expand and develop both in terms of scale and complexity. Technological advancement and globalisation have led to a new and dynamic socio-economic landscape. This has created opportunities for those wishing to engage themselves in a career in business in the public or private sectors at national and international economies. This is a highly regarded programme designed to equip you with strong business acumen in today’s dynamic and competitive environment. With an extensive curriculum of business such as Marketing, Management, Business Communication, Human Resource and Entrepreneurship, you will be well prepared for management positions within the business organisation.

The Malvern Diploma in Business Studies helps you to develop skills for employment in an increasingly dynamic business environment. We recognise the increasing need for employees to work across geographic and cultural borders and require access to business organisations to conduct research and gather information.

This programme gives you an opportunity to achieve an intermediate qualification in shorter term en route to a degree qualification as well as supply you with the necessary knowledge and sub-professional skills in a specified field of study.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  1. Think creatively and critically when facing problem solving situations at middle level managerial and operational tasks by applying the right techniques and management tools.
  2. Communicate and interact responsibly with peers, clients, employers, society and also work effectively as a leader or part of a team.
  3. Apply knowledge of commerce, management and other related areas in business environment.
  4. Demonstrate effectively on analysing and solving problems in developing business using appropriate tools and techniques.
Modules OfferedFull Time DurationEntry RequirementsInternational StudentsYour Opportunities
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
2 ½ years

Students must have completed
• SPM (with a minimum of 3 credits) or
• “O” – Levels or
• any equivalent qualifications recognised by MQA

If you are an international student, kindly contact us to verify your qualifications against the entry requirements for this programme. We can be reached at +603 2072 5003 from 0900 to 1800 Monday – Friday / 0900 to 1400 Saturday or email admission@malverninternational.edu.my

Upon completion with appropriate grades, you may progress onto Year 2 in a Degree of Business Management. Talk to us to know more about our University of Wales (UK) Marketing & Management or Business & Human Resource Management programme where you can earn a BA (Hons) degree.

Alternatively, you could be an entrepreneur or pursue careers within supervisory and executive positions available in myriads of companies dealing with diverse business activities, products and services, as well as different functional areas such as Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Communication.

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students
* Bahasa Kebangsaan (Local Students)
** Thinking Skills (International Students)

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