Dr. Parmindar Singh

About Dr. Parmindar Singh

DBA (Australia), MBA (UM), B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science (UKM)

Parmindar has a doctorate from the University of Newcastle (Australia), an M.B.A. from University Malaya (UM) and a B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science from the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

Parmindar has been teaching since 1987 and therefore has more than 30 years of experience. Through the years, he has taught in many courses such as ACCA, MBA, CIMA, ICSA, NCC, ABE and LCCI.

Of these courses, he has mainly focused on ACCA and has been teaching the ACCA since 1991. For the ACCA course, Parmindar currently teaches the Strategic Business Leadership (SBL) which was introduced in September 2018, replacing papers P1 (Corporate Governance, Risks and Ethics) and P3 (Business Analysis). Parmindar has successfully groomed many students to become prize winners; among others, the number one in Malaysia and fourth in the world in September 2017 for P1 and number one in Malaysia for P3 in June 2014. Parmindar has also produced prize winners for Cambodia every sitting since 2012.
In addition to teaching, he has also conducted corporate training for Fuji-Xerox (IT), Petronas (Project Management) and Shell (Brunei) (Systems Analysis and Design), and Kredit Microfinance (Cambodia) (Corporate Governance and Strategy) and in-house training in risk management, internal controls and corporate governance for Brown Coffee (Cambodia’s largest café).
Parmindar was the first Malaysian to teach ACCA in Hong Kong (1995). He has also taught in Brunei, Singapore, and China (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Xi’An Jiaotong University).
Currently he teaches in Cambodia’s platinum status and number one provider of ACCA (CamEd Business School) which comprises faculty staff of the USA, UK, Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, Bahamas, among others. CamEd has awarded him the Adjunct Associate Professor for his teaching, research and contribution to Cambodia. He has also taught in many educational institutions in Malaysia.
His research areas are in strategic management, corporate governance, ethics, corporate social responsibility, and information systems.
His personal philosophy is, “if you do your best and dedicate it to God, then He will do the rest”.