Hoo Sen Kai

About Hoo Sen Kai

ACCA PM, TX, ATX Lecturer ACCA Affiliate 

Mr. Hoo has over 15 years of lecturing experience in Singapore and Malaysia under his belt. Taxation, Management Accounting and Financial Management is his specialty. He trains his students to think broadly and deeply, sharpening their minds and skills further and further as they delve into their subject of interest. A firm believer in “measuring twice, cut once”, Mr. Hoo never fails to throw in thought provoking questions that disciplines students to be well-prepared in handling hard exam questions well. 

Crescendo International College (Malaysia)

  • Position : Lecturer
  • Date joined: 1 July 2008 until present.
  • Subjects :
  1. ACCA Paper F3
  2. ACCA Paper F5
  • ACCA Paper F6(MYS)
  1. ACCA Paper P6(MYS)
  2. CIMA Paper P1
  3. CIMA Paper P2
  • UOL Paper Financial Management

Kaplan Financial (Singapore)

  • Position : Lecturer
  • Date joined : 1 July 2011
  • Date left : 30 June 2016
  • Subjects :
  1. ACCA Paper F2
  2. ACCA Paper F5
  • ACCA Paper F9
  1. ACCA Paper P4