Joey Wong

About Joey Wong

ACCA Lecture

Joey Wong was among the top 10% of candidates who obtained an MBA with distinction from the Edinburgh Business School of Heriot-Watt University. He also achieved the Malaysian top scorer award in the areas of Financial Accounting and Information Technology (IT) in the course of pursuing his ACCA qualification.

In the early part of his career, he was a technopreneur focussed on software development. The importance of accounting knowledge in the running of a business led him to developing his career in the finance sector. These days, he is entirely devoted to lecturing and corporate training. He specialises in audit and management-related subjects in professional courses.

Apart from lecturing locally in Malaysia, he has also conducted lectures and training courses abroad. Throughout his career, he has conducted courses in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. These days, he limits his overseas classes to Beijing so he can spend more time with his daughter who is fast growing up.

Joey dislikes rote learning and aims to ensure that students completely understand the subject matter. He utilises technology aids in his classes to provide added value to his students. Students from all around Asia has benefited from his lectures. Hone your exam “Kung-fu” with him today and defeat the exams together!.